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2 Oct 2009 im bored right now.what should i do browse facebook, poke some people, read up definitions on urban dictionary, www.digg.com browse some vids,
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14 Jul 2008 What to do while bored ? Fun websites? You never know if you are bored until you 've tried these Fun games to play while bored ?
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It will keep the dog from getting bored , which will keep him from things you don 't .... Like tug-of-war, this is a fun game your dog will enjoy while you
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Yes, they will post any good stuff you send them! While you 're there check 405 The Movie - you've got to be really bored to land a plane on a car, for fun . informative: The Dot Eaters - the history of video games , very informative.
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Even if you 're bored at work or just at home looking for things to do, Bored at Uni is here to reduce your boredom for a while .
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26 Jun 2010 Are you bored ? I-Am- Bored .com lists places to go when you are feeling Loads of viral videos, games , memes, lists and social networking for when you 're bored . .... Funny , Extreme Geese Invasion It's like the pied piper of the goose world . rebuilding the island, while learning its dark past.
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things to do on the internet when you are bored . Think that BBS games are dead? Think again! Far from being replaced by the internet, you 're much more likely to see a grown man typing into a laptop while in his underwear!
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13 Mar 2010 5 Fun Free Card Game Sites For When You Are Bored While the graphics are a little chintzy, the game is quick to load and easy to play.
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Sometimes I really get bored while I stay at home. I made a research about how to spend spare time by having fun . In This Bundle you will find a set of
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If you like to play free online games such as Dress up, Fun , Puzzles, Mario, Sonic, Tetris, Naughty or Sexy totally free, while at home or school, then you are at Bored at school? Then browse our collection of entertaining games and
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Amazon.com: Bored Games : Simple Fun from Your Pocket or Purse - Anytime, with your kids instead of ignoring them while you make that important phone call or text. You don't need video games or TV to find entertainment in life.
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A gargling game works best with another person, but you can time yourself for this fun activity while you 're bored . Fill your mouth with water.
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5 Feb 2010 Fun Games to Play When Bored at Home When bored at home, you can Some of these games can be played by anyone, while some are meant for
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6 Nov 2008 I hope this helps having a little more fun during the worst times of your life. ;( YAY (:P. Things to do while bored in school.
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While playing the shooting games you will be transported to a virtual shooting range with Most of these funny games have a realistic view about them.