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Quote from http:// ps2 .gamezone.com/ "As a quick note to parents who are reading this, Postal 2 ( PC ) Rated M for Blood/Gore, Violence. This game is so
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Currently, M - rated symbols have 17+ next to the word "Mature". ..... was possible to modify the PS2 and PSP versions of the game to erase the patches that
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4 Jan 2010 300000), God Hand ( PS2 , approx. 70000) and Bionic Commando (PS3/360 ...... Mature rated games tend to fail on wii, unless they have a huge
GTA: Chinatown Wars Will Be Testbed for M - Rated Games On Wii And
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30 Jan 2010 Rumor: Xbox Game Room will not feature Teen or Mature - rated titles .... my friend wishes he opted in sooner to get a gen1 for bc for all his ps2 games , .... i could maybe understand no mature games, but teen too? why?
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re: Mature rated GBA Games ? aye, good idea not to spoil it there, i suppose you are a bit right, but i mean you cant take the genre from PS2 and put it onto
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8 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 7 Apr 2004Enquiring minds wonder how much percentage of your video game library are M / Adults-Only rated ? When I had the PS2 , my game collection was
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6 Feb 2008 PS2. Browse PS2 Games The ESRB says the number of M - rated games has fallen from previous years. In 2006 this category accounted for
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rated m at GameSpot. Related tags: action, action adventure, adventure, awesome, Tags: gta, grand theft auto, liberty city stories, ps2 , rockstar games
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18 Dec 2008 Also M ratings have nothing to do with graphics. You do understand that PS2 had M rated games right? Wii is 4 times more powerful than the
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Best " M "- rated PS2 games available. A Listmania! list by Laura Stewart .... " this PC to PS2 port is boasted w/ enhanced graphics, AI, textures, etc."
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by KM Thompson - 2006 - Cited by 20 - Related articlescontent of M - rated video games and the accuracy of the .... Rune: Viking Warlord PS2 . 2001. Animated blood and gore, animated violence
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20 Jun 2010 i'm turning 17 on monday and was wondering what M rated game i should wii.i need one either the n64 or the ps2 . no stealth games either
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18 Dec 2008 Rockstar has released M - rated games before like Bully and Manhunt 2 on Wii before which were on PS2 /PSP so I guess there is a market for
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