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16 posts - 10 authors - Last post: 28 Feb 2005just wondering if anyone knows of some games that are available for Mac like Call of Duty: United Offence ? or that have been ported from PC
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11 posts - 9 authors - Last post: 1 Feb 2007Play mac games on the PC ? May I ask to which games you could be if you would specify what you are trying to port from Windows or Mac .
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12 posts - 12 authors - Last post: 6 MayTripwire Porting games for Mac on Steam Mac and PC Games. Valve's announcement last week that the Mac port of Steam would be released on
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One problem afflicting both porting houses and original Mac game developers is were sent to major computer and gaming websites, both mac and pc related, Early game development on the Mac - Pippin - Porting from - Cached - Similar Re: No need to port PC games to Mac anymore ;)22 May 2005 Message: 1 Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 00:50:43 +0100 From: Jose Commins <email@ hidden> Subject: No need to port PC games to Mac anymore ;) To:
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If you have an Intel Mac , your world of gaming just got a lot bigger! Did you know that through Cider porting technology, virtually all PC games can run on
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20 Feb 2008 The challenges stretch beyond learning OS X as they try to port games for both the PC and Mac . "[Intel in the Mac ] does make the development
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8 posts - 4 authors - Last post: 20 FebHave you guys heard about this? A pretty good bunch of people working to port PC games to Mac using standardized wrappers based off
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Standing in the place of PC and Mac are the turrets from Portal and Team Fortress 2, suggesting that these will be two of the first games to be ported .
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14 Mar 2008 This is not a port , this is an entirely new game ." While "Civilization Revolution" on the PC appears to be out, reading between the lines,
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19 Feb 2009 How do you port PC Games to mac (WITHOUT USING BOOTCAMP OR PARALEL Seriously you need to be a very experienced software developer to do this
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Osmos dev claims porting games to Linux is actually worthwhile Also, we have the PC and Mac versions of the Osmos demo hosted here.
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We at Omni have been able to port well-structured games successfully in a Many PC publishers will not see the economy of scale on the Mac that they need
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19 Jan 2010 refers to a FULL port of the game with the PC files already inside of mac game 'ports' - PC games that are either modified or wrapped in
Take-Two: New 'Civilization' Will 'Never' Come To PC ยป MTV Multiplayer
29 Oct 2009 Game Mac porting services. Game iPhone porting services. Looking for a partner to develop a PC , Mac or iPhone title?
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28 Jan 2010 Report: Telltale porting its games to Mac , hints at iPad to download both the Mac and PC versions of Telltale's games for one price.