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17 Mar 2010 The Jets accepted the NFL's offer to host the Thanksgiving night game this year, sources confirmed Tuesday. Kickoff will be 8:20 pm.
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18 Mar 2010 Rivaly game may not take place due to realignment.
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The National Football League's Thanksgiving Classic is a series of games The two "traditional" Thanksgiving Day pro football games were in Dallas,
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26 Nov 2009 Now let's get ready for some football . Today's NFL Football TV schedule for today's three Thanksgiving Day games of the 2009 season will
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9 Nov 2006 Many interesting traditions permeate deep into the festival of Thanksgiving such as the game of football compliments this festival of
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Thanksgiving Day football wraps up at 8:20 p.m. ET on the NFL Network, when the New York Giants visit the Deniver Broncos, the first Thanksgiving game in
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25 Nov 2009 What would Thanksgiving turkey be without a little pigskin to go with it? There will a handful of NFL and NCAA football games on
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26 Nov 2009 NFL: Oakland Raiders vs. Dallas Cowboys - 2009 Thanksgiving Day Football Games Live On CBS - Watch Oakland Raiders vs.
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19 Nov 2009 You're here for one thing and one thing only: the Thanksgiving Day TV schedule for the NFL and college football games that will accompany
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26 Nov 2009 Thanksgiving football has had a lot of great moments, but few expect a lot of them this year. The Packers vs Lions and Raiders vs Cowboys
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There will be more than enough football to go around on Thanksgiving Day. Check out 10 of the best NFL games that have occurred on America's historic
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24 Nov 2009 Well, in lieu of the upcoming holiday, let's take a road down football memory lane and recount the best Thanksgiving games ever,
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Watching NFL football on Thanksgiving Day has become as much an American tradition as a good seat in front of the television when the football games begin.
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2008 Thanksgiving Football Games PHOTO BY JASON RZUCIDLO / AMERICAJR.com. The Detroit Lions take on the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day, 2003.
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21 Nov 2009 Here's a look at the EMass holiday gridiron slate.