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GWAP . buy gwap mugs, tshirts and magnets. Acronym for Games With A Purpose ( www . gwap .com ), created by Luis von Ahn. Also the creator of CAPTCHA's and
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewby L von Ahn - Cited by 165 - Related articles“ Games with a purpose ” have a vast range of applications in areas as lar, with many people playing more. Games with a Purpose . Luis von Ahn
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23 May 2008 In Gwap , which stands for " Games With a Purpose ," that transfer of intelligence is done by getting people to do the routine chores that
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2 Mar 2009 With Gwap , there is now a good excuse to play online games - you can rationalize There are other games in Gwap aside from the ESP Game .
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with a purpose . 1 You play the game , 2 Computers get smarter. When you play a game at Gwap , you aren't just having fun. You're helping the world become a
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23 May 2008 Enter GWAP ( games with a purpose ), a new site launched by scientists in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science.
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Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends,
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File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - View as HTMLCollect information through games . GWAP -based geotagging services. ( Games With A Purpose ). asker. Where is the Capital Hall?
15 Apr 2010 Abstract, The article discusses design principles for " games with a purpose ( GWAP )." As a side effect of playing a GWAP ,
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16 May 2008 Gwap —the Carnegie Mellon version, that is — stands for Games with a Purpose , and is part research, part fun. Gwap is an incredibly » Blog Archive » Gwap : Changing the World
14 May 2008 It's oh so exciting to see that GWAP ( games with a purpose ) has launched. GWAP is part of the research on human computation that started the
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8 Apr 2009 GWAP ( Games With a Purpose ) proves otherwise. Games themselves can actually play a part in making the internet smarter.
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewby K Siorpaes - 2008 - Cited by 35 - Related articles“ games with a purpose .”1 They also coined the term “hu- man computation.” The ESP game aims to label .... successful games for this purpose is to design
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6 Apr 2010 DSC02097 Originally uploaded by Hans & Jasper The overall performance of Caribbean athletes at this year's CARIFTA Games 2010,