YouTube - Xbox 360 vs PS3: Round 9 MultiPlatform Games (Part 1/2)
Some games may not become cross-platform because of licensing agreements .... Multiplatform installers such as InstallBuilder and IzPack address this need. Platforms - Cross-platform software - Platform-independent - Cached - Similar The Best 20 Multi-Platform Games Ever MadeWhile each console has their own specific gems there are also games that stretch across multiple platforms that are just as good.
Multi-Platform Games : GamePro's View On The Differences Between
26 May 2010 Looking for insomniac games going multiplatform or insomniac games rumors? Insomniac Games ' CEO Ted Price has confirmed in a blog posting
Best of 2008: Top 5 Multiplatform Games | GameLife |
2 Jan 2008 A listing of the worst multi-platform games ever! ScrewAttack - The Best and Worst Sonic Games. Views: 619. Posted: January 16, 2008
Insomniac Games Making Multiplatform Games
25 Jan 2006 A reader shares his thoughts on the concept of cross platform game development in the next-generation of gaming.
The Next Generation of Multiplatform Games - Xbox
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PS3 Owners Shouldn't Dismiss Multiplatform Games | N4G
20 Mar 2010 Xbox 360 vs PS3: Round 9 MultiPlatform Games (Part 1/2) The next round of the console war. Source: Part 2:
PS3 Owners Shouldn't Dismiss Multiplatform Games - PS3 News
1 Apr 2010 Bravo is looking for fans of its "Top Chef" and "The Real Housewives" franchises to get in the game, launching three multiplatform games
Microsoft: Multiplatform games are 'better' on Xbox 360- Destructoid
Introducing Gedda-Headz, the addictive multi-platform game from Ovi. Published by Niini on June 17th, 2010 in Ovi by Nokia and Store
Most Anticipating Multiplatform Games in 2009 |Ah Boon.Net 阿文
With 2008's huge calendar of videogame releases coming to a close, it's time to start talking about the best games that Wired's crew played this year. Over. The Best 20 Multi-Platform Games Ever Made
3 Mar 2010 With only four rounds left, the console wars series is getting closer to declaring a winner. This edition brings multiplatform games into
Bravo launching three multiplatform games
mikeslemonade "Multiplatform is shovelware no matter how you spin it. There are very few multiplatform games that have a quality like an exclusive PS3 game.
Are there any multiplatform games which are better on ps3 or 360
12 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 3 Apr 2009The Best of the Best Multiplatform Games General or Multiplatform Gaming.
Do multiplatform games look better on the PS3 vs. the 360? - Yahoo
8 Apr 2010 While the headline may state that multiplatform games are on the horizon, what this really means is that a bunch of older games are coming
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25 May 2010 Insomniac Games has long been making games for Playstation consoles, but for the first time in their 16 year history they are making a game
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24 May 2010 The PS3 has a better graphics system, so I was jus…