Nintendo to Reduce Japan Prices of Handheld DS Game Player as Much
7 Jun 2010 Using 114 piracy sites, researchers checked the download counts for the top 20 Japanese handheld games over a five year period - 2004 to
Sensei's Library: Hikaru Handheld Game
16 Jun 2010 Nintendo unveiled the world's first 3D handheld games console - the 3DS the world's largest video game trade show, the Japanese gaming
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11 Aug 2009 Handheld games are making people lonely, says psychiatrist. By Nadia Oxford, August 11, 2009. Japanese psychiatrist Rika Kayama recently
News: Football Manager Handheld hits Japan in June
The problem is: when I can't copy the words to the clipboard because they are in a picture (like in handheld games ), I'm pretty much lost. I need a Japanese
Famitsu ranks Japan's top selling games (that they like)- Destructoid
2 Jun 2010 Nintendo Co. , the world's biggest maker of portable video-game players, plans to cut the price of its DS handheld device for the first time
Nintendo announces new 3DS handheld game player coming soon
23 Mar 2010 Senior Contributing Editor, Japan : Brian Ashcraft In an official release, Nintendo describes the portable as allowing games to be "enjoyed with 3D effects Launch of New Portable Game Machine [Nintendo Japan ]
Debunking The Ridiculous Claims That Unauthorized Copies Of
28 Dec 2009 Mattel Electronics Dungeons & Dragons handheld computer fantasy game , made in Japan and manufactured for Mattel – 1982 Inquire about price.
Nintendo Announces New Hardware, The Nintendo 3DS
9 Jun 2010 "CESA took the numbers for Japanese handheld game piracy and multiplied it by four to get the worldwide numbers, because CESA "believes"
ASCII Media Works tracks Japan's top selling games of 2009 (so far
8 Jun 2010 CESA took the figure it actually knew for handheld game piracy in Japan ($10.4 billion), multiplied that by four, and came up with a
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In 1998, SNK released its first handheld game system, the Neo Geo Pocket, in Japan only. This first console sported a monochrome screen and did not sell
Gamasutra - News - CESA: Portable Piracy Cost Game Industry $41.5
23 Mar 2010 Nintendo announced today in Japan that it will launch a new 3DS handheld game player in Japan during the fiscal year that ends March 31,
Report: $41.5 billion Lost to Handheld Game Piracy Worldwide
Posted by James Grahame on May 30, 2010 at 11:30 AM in Handheld Games | Permalink .... Still, this is a nice perk for Japanese Nintendo aficionados who' ve
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28 Dec 2009 It's the best handheld game I've ever played and I've been playing handheld games It is in the name: Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG)
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26 May 2010 Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson has just tweeted, "For those of you in Japan , Football Manager Handheld will be available
Nintendo unveils world's first 3D handheld games console | Mail Online
26 Nov 2009 Popular in Japan's geek subculture, the game invites players to pick a as saying "I love you" 100 times into the handheld games console.