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26 Apr 2010 PC gamers can look forward to The Oddbox, a collection containing all four of the Oddworld Xbox games , will be available on Steam this year.
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25 Apr 2010 It says "all four of the Oddworld Xbox games , will be available on Steam for PCs in 2010" but there were .... I read ' New Oddworld ' and got
New Oddworld game put on hold - News -
As he was celebrating his new celebrity status, ghosts of old Mudokons appeared Oddworld Inhabitants have confirmed they will be porting the Xbox game
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26 Apr 2010 That new Oddworld game discussed a few years back is currently on hold, Xbox and are due to be released on PC via Steam later this year.
New Oddworld shelved, older titles are Steam-bound
26 Apr 2010 G4 spoke with series creator Lorne Lanning who explained that developing a new Oddworld game is low on a long list of priorities.
Electronic Arts to Work on New Oddworld Game ? - Maxis might be
9 Oct 2009 Deathspank Arriving For Xbox 360 And PS3 In July; New Screenshots Also, they intend to re-release some of the previous games digitally.
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11 Nov 2008 Even if a new Oddworld is developed, it will probably be a very long I haven 't played the Oddworld games on Xbox , but Abe's Oddyssee and
Maxis co-founder confirms work on new Oddworld title- Destructoid
26 Apr 2010 Video game news featuring the top games on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC. Actually I Want to see a New Oddworld Game in the near future
New Oddworld on hold, old Oddworlds coming to Steam this year
XBOX Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Review from Yahoo! Video Games UK. means that this new Oddworld has little to do with previous games to bear the name,
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23 Apr 2010 A couple years ago, fans of the legendary Oddworld game series According to Lanning The Oddbox, a collection of all four of the Oddworld Xbox games , New - Oddworld -Game-
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23 May 2008 Electronic Arts to Work on New Oddworld Game ? - Maxis might be involved in the production of some Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Prices in Asia
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These graphics areso amazing, only the Xbox can bring them to life. " Frustration Free" gaming : Oddworld's new , intelligent, cinematic camera;
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22 May 2008 This would be the first game since 2005 Xbox title, Oddworld : Stranger's .... I' d love to buy a new HD one. They haven't let me down so far.
New ' Oddworld ' Game Shelved, Originals Getting Steam Treatment
28 Apr 2010 Old Oddworld Games Delayed, New Oddworld On Hold rendering aspects on the Xbox and bringing that over to DirectX is a bit of voodoo.
New Oddworld Canned, Re-Releases Due This Year - Shacknews - PC
9 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 27 May 2008 New Oddworld Confirmed Other Console/Platform Discussions & Debates. Stranger's Wrath might be the best xbox game .