North American Golden Demon Painting Competition in Baltimore, MD
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20 Mar 2009 Apparently in a major re-shuffle the GW-US and GW- Canada groups have been ..... Power Fist to open Games Workshop Citadel new paint pots?
9 Oct 2009 miniatures canadian games workshop no more roleplaying from games workshop inquisitor games workshop illegal games workshop models
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Discount Games Workshop Products including Lord of the Rings, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen Wyrd Miniatures is proud to announce its character driven skirmish game, Malifaux. The gam…
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Finely painted miniatures by a respected Canadian artist. Gil-Galad - Silver winner in Games Workshop's 2006 Canadian Golden Demons Lord of the Rings
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18 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 23 Jan Games Workshop LOTR Miniature Game Tolkien. Location: London ON, Canada . Posts: 1996. User owns 1x Elendil\'s Helm (ES: 4) · User owns 1x Does anyone here play the Miniature LOTR game from games workshop ?
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28 Nov 2009 Dan sez, "Game publisher and miniature manufacturer Games Workshop ...... a store in canada that got me into gamesworkshop games primarily
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Games Workshop make the best model soldiers in the world. United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Canada , Denmark, Finland, France
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The Citadel name has become synonymous with Games Workshop Miniatures and Games Workshop expanded in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia opening new
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26 Mar 2010 Games Workshop's North American Games Day event features their premier globe will test their skills at painting Games Workshop's miniature characters with over 90 across the U.S and Canada , and by more than 3700
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I personally have no problem shelling out, for example $40+ Canadian for a 40K I have seen Games Workshop $10 single miniatures (Wraith Guard) and $10